on Thursday, March 12, 2009
mobile phone games | java | 240 x 320

ESPN Bassmaster: ELITE SERIES on mobile phone games ! Fish diverse fresh water lakes for large and small mouth bass as the Bassmaster. Select from realistic rods and lures, then start casting for the big one. Each lake features unique obstacles, water conditions and bass species. In-game hints suggest the best tackle to use, making it easier to cast, fight and catch bass. Start bassmaster fishing immediately with quick play and tutorial modes. Compete against the pros in tourney mode, unlocking lakes and gaining new gear as you progress.


* Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to learn
* Official ESPN TV branding using banners and logo
* Focuses on the best parts of fishing and truncates the boring bits
* As seen on ESPN Bassmaster, game focuses on regional lake fishing
* Each lake has fishing spots with varying obstacles, fish sizes and difficulty
* Lure types include characteristics like buoyancy, color, action, etc.
* Each of the bass species has preferences of location, features and lures
* Place in a lake's tournament to unlock the next lake and earn gear
* Weather at player's location affects fish activity (practice mode)
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