on Thursday, March 12, 2009
Castle of Magic
mobile phone games | java | 240 x 320

Castle of Magic is adventure mobile games from gameloft .
Master powerful magic and defeat fierce monsters in the most magical platform game on mobile!

Features (may vary by handset):

* A platform game that's accessible for beginners and full of magical surprises for fans of the genre.
* An unrivaled game life for a mobile game: over 3 hours of play!
* Tons of magic powers to master: transform into different animals to complete your missions.
* Environments with interactive surfaces will make you skid, levitate, stick to the ceiling, and more!
* 5 fantastic magical lands to discover and lots of bonuses to collect.
* Battle a host of magical monsters (giant octopus, snowman launching snowballs, and more)

download Castle of Magic :