on Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Top Gear - The Mobile Game
4.72 MB | 128x128 | 128x160 | 176x208 | 176x220 | 208x208 | 240x320 | JAVA

Look away now if Jeremy Clarkson's ongoing popularity has left you baffled. He's now popping up on your mobile phone, in the first official Top Gear game.
What's more, publisher Gameloft is promising it's much more than just a racing games.
So although you'll be able to race a power lap against The Stig and test your skills on courses in Africa, Wales and Iceland, there's some typically off-the-wall challenges, too.
Such as? Well, you'll be able to race against an Apache helicopter, play darts with a caravan, or even play the justifiably-renowned game of car football.
Oh, and the ace-sounding 'bendy-bus-rocket launch', which sounds like it should get Boris Johnson's seal of approval.