on Sunday, January 11, 2009
I'm not a major gamer, but I do enjoy playing the occassional war/flight simulator game on my laptop. This one did not disappoint. No problems installing on my Vista Dual Core with 1 GB Ram and basic Dell laptop video card, which is way more computer than the "recommend system requirements" on the box. For the price, I didn't expect too much. This game will surprise you with what you get for your investment, though. Several aircraft, easy control with mouse and keyboard (although you can also use joysticks, etc.) Music's very corny, but you can turn it off. Recommend that you have a nicer video card than the "standard" system graphics card as the scenery may be a bit choppy otherwise. Overall, great value. Several levels of difficulty. Easy to learn, but not easy to master (which means you won't be done with it the same day you buy it). The more missions you fly, the harder and more interesting they get. Fun game. Beats the heck out of my other "time killer" games on the PC platform.