on Sunday, January 11, 2009
The Transformers' graphics are spectacular. The environments have that initial impressiveness, but quickly you will notice the cookie cutter schematic for a lot of the buildings. I figure that the developers did not want to put too much into the design of your environments considering the aftermath of your impending battles. It does not really affect the graphics of the game considering the Transformers themselves and their Transformation will mesmerize you. However, I personally would have thoroughly enjoyed having a little more detail flooding the game to really make the Transformers shine through. The sounds of the game will make anyone who remembers the days of the original cartoon smile. I have to admit this is probably one of the main reasons that I not only played the game, but watched the movie as well. The fabled sound effect of the Transformers is vaguely there and if you listen closely, you will hear it almost with every transformation. However, the sound that I am mostly referencing is the voice of Optimus Prime, as portrayed by Peter Cullen. Now I know this makes me an Über geek, but there is nothing better about the sounds of the game than the voice of Optimus Prime repeatedly harping on you getting to your next destination. Trust me, he will do it a lot. There is also the original voice of Megatron as well, Frank Welker. Not sure why they did not use him in the movie, but at least we have him here.

The Transformers game is a nice companion to the first official blockbuster summer movie. I know there have been others, but this was the first movie that actually felt like a blockbuster instead of just a continuation of something else. The game does disappoint a little, but nothing to the level of complete unplayability. You will be transforming and rolling out in no time as you dive head first into the world of the robots in disguise. I just hope in the next game they amp up the free roam capabilities and truly allow us to dive into the world of the robots from Cybertron.




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