on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silent Hill: Homecoming questions about how a certain Alex Shepherd returned to his home town Sheferds Glen. After returning, he learns about the mysterious disappearance of the mother's brother and father.

Alex immediately sent to search for loved ones, but the task is not easy. To find missing relatives, the hero has to overcome its worst nightmares, find rede mysterious events and resist the incredible evil, which appears to have captured his loved ones. In the end, Shepherd is on the streets of the city Saylent Hill. They only seem empty.
In fact, the entire city - is Resident Evil. Back you can only after the terrible unravel the mystery of Lake Tolyuka. Can Alex survive and find his brother and father? Silent Hill: Homecoming is based on the most advanced graphics, physical and audio technology.

In a hero's arsenal of various weapons and methods of hand combat. But not only have to shoot and fight monsters.

In the game you expect interesting and terrible conundrum. With each step you'll ever closer to understanding the mysteries cursed Saylent Hill. Apart from the fantastic graphics and high-quality sound, appropriate atmosphere in Silent Hill: Homecoming will help create a unique soundtrack. He painted the famous composer Akiroy Yamaoka (Akira Yamaoka) specifically for the game.

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