on Thursday, January 15, 2009
Driver: L.A. Undercover | 240 x 320 | Mobile Games | Java
review Driver: L.A. Undercover :
You are Tanner, an undercover cop whose mission is to topple the Los Angeles Mafia. For the first time on mobile, ride through a huge 3D city and dive right into the heart of even more explosive action thanks to the new 3D view, just like in console games. Driver: L.A. Undercover is the best games racing and action mobile games i ever played. Get ready for ultra-risky missions on foot and by car in the heart of Los Angeles, where you'll infiltrate gangs, protect informants, and chase bank robbers at breakneck speeds in hellish road pursuits worthy of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters! Tanner, get ready to do whatever it takes to protect your cover and bring down the big fishes of the City of Angels.
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