on Monday, December 29, 2008
Ball Rush 2 Winter version
free download | mobile games | 240x320 Screen | 200 KB

The newest technologies and the imperishable classics, Ball Rush 2 – grasping arcade, at modern level embodied immortal ideas, invites you in New Year's travel. Game amazes with the variety - beginning from the form and properties of a platform and finishing variability of tasks: now it is not necessary to break constantly all blocks on the screen, it is necessary to clear away to itself a way upward for transition to the following level, then on following and so on, up to top where at levels-bosses it is already possible to have a good time on full and to carry all totally. More than hundred unlike one on another of levels at two levels of complexity and fair quantity of the bonuses doing a game-plej even more sated and interesting! And how about 13 kinds of blocks with various degree of stability, and some of them after destruction are restored again, and some and at all cannot be broken? However your arsenal is ready to similar tests – fiery and ice shells, rockets and bombs will help to open the way to freedom. Features: 128 levels; Atmosphere of New Year's holidays; Set of bonuses and every possible types of blocks; the Table of records; Bosses-levels; the Tremendous drawing.