on Monday, August 01, 2011

Genre: Action, Racing, Shooter, Sports

Size on Memory: 286 mb

have you ever played a PlayStation 1 console? If you do then you might remember the popular Twisted Metal Game. Twisted Metal: Head-On is a game combined with racing, sports, action shooting and fun. If you have played the old Twisted metal game then i am sure you will like this one because it have new characters that will let you curiosity takes over and play the game whole day long.

Take the destruction anywhere as the ever-popular Twisted Metal franchise heads to the PSP with Twisted Metal: Head-On. From the inventors of the car-combat genre, Twisted Metal: Head-On provides fast-paced vehicular combat and destruction on the PSP system for and addictive pick-up and play experience. Strap yourself into one of 14 lethal machines on wheels equipped with machine guns, turbo boosts and a special attack unique to each vehicle. Unleash your road rage on opponents in unworldly arenas filled with numerous items of chaos including rockets, missiles and napalm.

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