on Thursday, August 04, 2011

Genre: Soccer Sim

Size on Memory: 800mb

Pro Evolution Soccer makes its third annual appearance on the PlayStation Portable with PES 2008. Konami's football game has long been a favourite with fans of the sport, combining deep and rewarding gameplay with the addictive Master League and wireless multiplayer modes. Although this is all present and correct in this updated version, the game also suffers from issues that have long plagued the series, and it ultimately does little to warrant the upgrade.

PES 2008 may be realistic, but crucially it's also fun to play. If you've played this year's PlayStation 2 version, then you'll find that the two games are very similar, although the lack of four shoulder buttons on the PSP does make some difference to the controls. Supposedly, the big improvement over last year's game is the new teamvision system, which learns to react to repetitive techniques to make sure you're rewarded for mixing things up and trying out different forms of attack. In practice, the system does little to truly revolutionise the game.

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